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The fact is that over 30,000 people in Australia have a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). What this means is that your heart suddenly stops pumping, the brain is quickly starved of oxygen, you collapse and stop breathing. Defibrillation within the first minute of having a cardiac arrest increases your survival rate close to 90%. For every "minute" that passes waiting for an ambulance or flying Doctor to arrive, your chance of survival reduces by 10% A defibrillator (AED) is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses cardiac arrests and administers shocks to bring the person back to a regular heart beat. No training is required to use an AED as it talks you through the entire process to save a person's life with voice prompts. Just open the lid, apply two pads to patient's chest and press one button. We believe that every RV traveling through remote areas in Australia should have a defibrillator available for use in an emergency, A green "AED IN VEHICLE" sticker is also supplied to clearly display the added life-saving capability of your RV. It's hard to put a dollar value on a life, but for under $2000 you have a high chance of saving a loved one's life who suffers a sudden cardiac arrest if you have a defibrillator on board your RV. Special CMCA introductory offer when you purchase an AED includes a FREE vehicle first aid kit and 1kg ABE fire extinguisher.



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