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Electro Parts Australia supply VOLTECH solar and electronic power conversion products and offers a large range of:-  Solar Panels - Solar Charge Controllers - AC-DC Battery Chargers - DC-DC Chargers - DC-AC Power Inverters - DC-DC Voltage Converters - Power Supplies - Step Up Converters – 12V to 24V - Battery Protector & Isolators - Switch Mode Converters – 24V to 12V - Voltage Boosters - And low voltage electrical products.

We also offer a wide range of LED Lights for Caravans, RV’s and Vehicles. Including:- - LED Light Bars - LED Work Lights - LED Tail Lights - LED Indicator Lights - LED Clearance Lights. 

With over 30 years experience in this field we have become well known in trade for delivering quality and knowledgeable customer service.  We supply to a wide variety of Australian solar, caravan, motor home, communication, battery and auto electrical industries, along with many OEM caravan manufacturers.  With fast delivery, exceptional prices and product knowledge, Electro Parts are the first choice for power conversion applications.



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